meet the tears of joy team


 CEO and Lead Planner of Tears of Joy Events.

Adrienne grew up in the heart of L.A., a place known for its cultural diversity, eclectic styles and of course, Hollywood stars. She gives star treatment to each person she works with, making them feel like they just stepped out of People Style Watch or Munaluchi Bride (her favorite magazines!).

When a friend asked Adrienne to help plan her wedding, she jumped into the task feet first and realized this was her passion. The bride was amazed and highly satisfied with Adrienne’s work. After doing several other events, she decided to turn this passion into a business, bringing along two close friends, Melanie and Stacie.

Melanie was chosen for her creativity and hands-on approach, and Adrienne loves Stacie’s great eye for design. It certainly helps that they are all good friends and work great together.

Adrienne does not manage projects and events through text messages and emails. No way! You’ll be working directly with her, Melanie and Stacie – but you’ll see Adrienne shine because she stands on the fact that, “There is no I in Team,” and therefore brings her own flavor. She is observant, pays particular attention to details and works very well under pressure. When the day is done and the event is over, you’ll truly cry Tears of Joy after working with Adrienne.


Stacie is your go-to when you need to create an OMG moment.

She can take a raw idea and turn it into something inventive and inspiring. Need to hear more?

Before joining Tears of Joy Events, Stacie did some wedding and event planning while living in Atlanta, GA. One of her most memorable events was a 1960’s-themed 50th birthday party. She was hired at the last minute to decorate and incorporate the theme within the decor. She came up with the idea to use vinyl records and juke boxes as centerpieces, and made custom chocolate sucker favors shaped like vinyl records. Needless to say, it was a really fun event and the client was very pleased with how Stacie helped to bring her 1960’s theme to life.

This is just one example of Stacie’s ability to take the familiar and make it fun and fabulous! Her expert DIY and design skills are what make Tears of Joy Events stand out above the rest. Because of her, your event will be the talk of the town!

Are you ready to plan an unforgettable event?

At Tears of Joy Events we pride ourselves in making every celebration one-of-a-kind; unlike any other. Just sit back, relax and let us do all the work from imagination to creation.

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