You’ve set your date, found your venue, chosen the bridal party, and you’ve even hired a wedding planner… Is there anything else that you’re forgetting??? Oh Yeah… your Marriage License.


In order to be able to get married in the state of California, you first need to obtain a marriage license.


Here are few tips on what you need to do to obtain your marriage license for Your Big Day


•  You DO NOT need to be a California resident to marry in California
•  To marry in California, the two parties to the marriage may not be already married
•  Marriage by proxy is NOT allowed in California
•  Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. If you do not get married within 90 days you must purchase a new license
•  Blood tests are NOT required to obtain a marriage license in California
•  Both parties must appear in person and bring valid picture ID to the County Clerk’s Office to apply for a marriage license in California. (Valid picture ID is one that contains a photography, date of birth, issue and expiration date. You can use the following: state issued ID, Driver’s license, passport, and military ID. Some counties may also require a copy of your birth certificate


Some fees to obtain a marriage license are:


  •   Public Marriage License $91
  •   Confidential Marriage License $85
  •   Civil Ceremony $35


For further information you can visit the County Clerk’s Office website for a list of locations nearest you:

For more information regarding obtaining marriage license you can visit: