The loss of a parent, grandparent, or other close family member can be hard to deal with while planning a wedding whether it’s recent or happened years ago. We will give you a few ideas on how to make sure your deceased loved one is part of your wedding.

1. Reserve a Seat – You can save an empty seat in the first row for your deceased loved one. A single rose or other type of flower can be placed on the seat. A picture of the person can also be placed in or hung on the seat.

2. Light a Candle – During the candle lighting portion of the ceremony, you can light an additional candle in memory of your deceased loved one. A flameless candle is also a good way to reflect that this person’s memory will live on forever.

3. Wear something that belonged to that person – If you wish to honor this person more privately, wear an article of clothing that belonged to them. Wearing a piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, or their favorite scent/perfume are all ways to honor your deceased loved one in a more subtle fashion.

4. In Loving Memory – Include an “In Loving Memory” section in the wedding program that is dedicated to your deceased loved one. You can also have a memory table set up near the entrance to the wedding ceremony or reception. It can include pictures of them along with other items that reflect their memory.

5. Give a special wedding toast – At the wedding reception you can dedicate a special toast in honor of your deceased loved one. A toast with that person’s favorite drink is a nice touch that can bring back some pleasant memories for those that knew him or her.

Some other ideas are releasing balloons or a single balloon in the deceased’s honor outside of the ceremony or reception locations. Including a picture of them in your bridal bouquet is another way to honor them. Walking down the aisle or into the reception hall to their favorite song or a song that reminds you of them is a memorable way to honor your deceased loved one at your wedding.


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