Your wedding venue is booked and it is lovlier than lovely. But, instead of an evening wedding, you opt for a brunch wedding! YAY! Couples are oftentimes a little apprehensive about the idea of foregoing a traditional wedding reception party in the evening.

Brunch is always a good idea. And brunch weddings are even a better idea. At Tears of Joy Events, we oftentimes have brunch with our closest girlfriends. And you know what? We’ve never seen an unhappy person at brunch. Who isn’t willing to embrace the concept of the late-morning feast that offers delectable options like pancakes, eggs benedict, doughnuts and bacon? And don’t even get me started on the mimosas and Bloody Mary’s! (For the record, any trend that encourages spiking orange juice with champagne is alright by us).

There are several reasons why we are a strong advocate for brunch-styled weddings and yes, it does go beyond our enthusiasm for warm cinnamon rolls, waffle stations and cereal bars. (How can guests not remember your wedding for their rest of their lives if you serve Cap’n Crunch?)

So, today we decided to share a list of reasons to get excited about the idea of having a brunch wedding!

Brunch Wedding Ideas | image via Martha Stewart


1. Everyone loves mimosas – and it makes your champagne last a bit longer.
2. You can serve more variety in your food, because you have both breakfast and lunch to pull from.
3. You don’t have to worry about extra lighting.
4. You get the ceremony part over with early and have more time to enjoy your party.
5. You have time afterward to maybe go out with friends – nothing like bar hopping in your wedding dress.
6. You actually won’t have so many guests leaving early (they won’t have to go to bed, or put children to bed, etc.)
7. You get to wear your dress longer.
8. You look better in photos earlier in the day because you haven’t had gravity pulling on your face all day.
9. You can use a lot more bright colors and accents.
10. Most of your guests are filled with energy and ready to have a good time. You think they WON’T dance?
11. You are a morning person anyway.
12. It gives you an excellent favor idea – that’s free, sort of. Since people will have the rest of the day available, you could make and print a brochure and map of the city and your’s and your fiance’s favorite places.
13. Drinking in the morning is fun!

We pulled some of our favorite inspirational wedding brunch photos from Instagram.  Check it out…

Image via Inspired By This | IG: @inspiredbythis

Image via Nuage Designs | IG: @nuagedesignsinc

Image via Very Into Partying | IG: @veryintopartying

Image via Instagram | IG: @tiffanyandco


Image via Wild Bride | IG: @wild_bride

If you aren’t convinced by Bloody Mary’s and eggs benedict, open your mind and yourself up to the additional reasons we provided above. More and more couples are seizing the day with a brunch-themed wedding. We would love to help you plan a JOYOUS wedding brunch in the Los Angeles area as well!