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Bachelorette Party season is coming up! A great bachelorette party requires careful planning so pay close attention, because we are about to blow your mind with our top tips on throwing the perfect good time for your girlfriend before she walks down the aisle.

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JUST KIDDING… kind of!  What we actually recommend to ALL brides is to be as upfront about what they want for their bachelorette party. It’ll make their maid of honor’s life a whole lot easier and it will ensure the bride has a night to remember for all the right reasons!

Top Do’s & Don’t for Organizing an Amazeballs Bachelorette Party

So you’re best friend just got engaged and has announced that YOU (her bridesmaids) will be in charge of planning her bachelorette party. Now you have lots of planning to do. One of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure your bride-to-be has the time of her life before her big day at her bachelorette party. So let’s get started with what to do, and then we’ll move on with what not to do!


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Do ask for help, Don’t do it alone

This is not a solo project. Even if you can plan it all by themselves, you shouldn’t. It’s quite acceptable, even expected, that you ask the other bridesmaids to chip in and help you out. Be sure to ask your bride-to-be specific questions about what she has in mind, and what she doesn’t want. And look online for guidance. Google is your friend!

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Do set a budget, Don’t break the bank

Being in charge of throwing the bachelorette party, doesn’t mean it is your responsibility to pay for the entire event. Ask everyone invited, especially the other bridesmsaids, to chip in equally. Set your budget early on, and then set the amount each person pays. The earlier you set your bachelorette party budget, the better chance you have of getting money collected from all of the girls.

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Do ask the bride questions, Don’t surprise her with something she hates

Every bride-to-be is different, and every bride-to-be has different taste. Some brides want to go to the bar with their girlfriends and party the night away. While other brides want to hit up the local museum, and have a late lunch. It is your responsibility as the HBIC (head bridesmaid in charge) to figure out what your bride-to-be wants her bachelorette party to be like. Does she want a big boozy bash or quiet and understated luncheon?

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Do think about traditional bachelorette parties, don’t be afraid to step outside the box

Sure, tradition is great but switching things up a bit is fun too. Ask your bride-to-be if she wants her bachelorette party to be the traditional ladies night, or if she would like to coordinate a coed party with her fiance. These days it’s not unheard of for the couple to want to celebrate together with their mutual friends.

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Do buy fun party favors, Don’t embarrass your bride-to-be

You know your BFF or sister more than anyone else, so you know if passing out penis necklaces is going to make her uncomfortable or make her laugh. Every hen party should have fun party favors, but it is up to you to make them fitting for your bride-to-be’s taste. Make your guests leave with a favor that makes them remember your unforgettable bachelorette party!

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Do make it personal, Don’t just make it another night out

Show the bride to be how special she is to you with personal and thoughtful touches such as doing an activity she loves, incorporating photos of her when she was little / photos of her and her bridesmaids over the years / messages from her bridesmaids (these can be printed onto cupcakes, a quilt or assembled in a keepsake book).

Put a playlist together of her favorite songs or pop in her favorite chick flick to play while you’re getting ready. Have her favorite cocktail on hand or even simply request her favorite song from the DJ at the club.

Little, inexpensive details like these will make her feel special on this once in a lifetime kind of day (and hopefully, when it’s your turn, she’ll return the favor!)

Do make sure you get everyone’s email addresses / contact details in good time

Send out an email /eVite outlining the day, so everyone knows what to expect and be prepared to send out quite a few reminder emails. Honestly getting a bunch of busy women to respond to emails / get stuff done can be a nightmare!

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Do consider some kind of prop(s)

Lots of brides to be will enjoy being the center of attention for one night only (other than on their wedding day of course) so give them a prop or two to make it clear who the bachelorette is in your party. If sashes or veils aren’t her thing, try raiding a costume dress shop for funny wigs, sunglasses, angel wings or princess crowns? Little props like these can be worn for a few fun photos then easily removed.

Or why not have the bride wear all white and tie a pretty coloured balloon around her waist?

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Do take flats in your bag / a cute tote and encourage the bride to be to do the same

This is advisable on a standard night out but essential on a sure to be wild and crazy bachelorette party! (Blisters and aching feet are not a good bridal / bridesmaid look.)

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Don’t be nervous about meeting everyone, Do have a great time

You and the other ladies may all come from different backgrounds but you’re all there for one reason – to give your friend / sister a fabulous celebration and to have fun! Trust me, all the bride wants is for everybody to get along and have a good time.

So embrace your differences, enjoy getting to know a new group of people – who knows, you might make new friends and you’ll definitely have a few friendly faces to chat to on the wedding day.

What are you planning for your bachelorette party?

Have you got any more dos or don’ts for organizing an amazeballs bachelorette? Do share!