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It’ time for a little more expert wedding planning and design advice from our creative team here at Tears of Joy Events.

Tears of Joy specializes in creating breathtaking, extraordinary events – from weddings to unique celebrations, product launches and epic parties!  Today we are excited to share with you some interesting ways to find inspiration for your beautiful wedding day.  These are the same tried and true techniques that we implement for our clients. WHOOP WHOOP!

The Search For Wedding Inspiration

PLEASE NOTE: It’s easy to start collecting hundred of images of beautiful “things” but once you’ve got a clear view of exactly how you want your wedding day to feel, and a clearer idea on a meaningful concept that works for you, it’s important to assess whether the images you’ve been collecting fit with your defined vision. Here are a few suggestions from us on where to turn for your wedding inspiration:

Your Lifestyle

Don’t underestimate how much inspiration you can draw from your own life. For example, how have you decorated your home? Look at the colors, textures and fabrics in your home as well as thinking about your most prized possession and any family heirlooms that you own. You’re not necessarily looking for grand antiques, just think about the things that mean the most to you and best represent your vision.

This is also a good way to test your wedding day style – if you’ve opted for a monochrome, clean and refined style but your home is an eclectic combination of treasures, then are you really creating a day that is an accurate portrayal of you?

Biggest Trends of Spring 2018 | image via Elle Magazine

Design Trends

Look to the worlds of fashion and interiors for ideas and inspiration. We’re not saying that just because something is big on the catwalk you should incorporate it into your wedding, but design, fashion and interiors blogs and magazines can all be a great source of fresh conceptual ideas, providing inspiration for colors, textures, patterns and even photographic styles.


Anthropologie Window Display | image via URBN

Store Window Displays

We love a good store window here at Tears of Joy Events. In fact, one of our favorite things to do is head out to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Pasadena and stroll along the streets admiring the storefront window displays. Large department stores and high-end boutiques often have the most fabulously creative and innovative displays.  They can evoke a certain emotion or spark an idea. Make sure you’re armed with your phone next time you’re on a shopping spree and snap away at any windows that catch your eye.

The Wedding World

The most obvious source of inspiration would be to look at magazines, blogs, wedding events and, of course, Pinterest to start gathering a plethora of images  (have you not discovered Pinterest yet? OH EM GEE! You absolutely need to! Go do it now!  You won’t regret it.)

The trick here is not to get caught up in what is currently a key wedding trend but to really focus on those weddings and ideas that capture your vision. Look for images that convey the overall sense of what you’re trying to create (innovative, chic, ethereal) and as you get further along in your planning, also hone in on specific elements such as table settings and flowers for inspiration which can help you when briefing suppliers and sourcing elements.

Serendipity Gardens Wedding | image via Tin Photography

The Natural World

The obvious element to consider here is the seasons; the time of year may have a bearing on your wedding day design but don’t feel that just because you’re getting married in Spring, for example, that you have to have a color palette of lemony yellows and fresh greens.

Instead, get yourself out into the countryside, into the city or down to the coast and look at plants, trees, wildlife, pebbles, anything that catches your eye really. Nature can be a great source of inspiration for shades, shapes and textures, just remember to photograph anything you see so you can refer to it later. And of course, all that fresh air is the perfect antidote to any wedding planning stresses!

Taglyan Complex Wedding Hollywood | image via Lin and Jirsa

Your Venue

And finally, if you’ve already got your venue booked, think about the architecture, décor and colors that you have to play with and how these can inspire your wedding day look, it’s so important to work with the space you have and enhance it than try fight with the surroundings.

How is your hunt for inspiration going? What is inspiring your big day?

Please do let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or Instagram if you have any wedding planning and designing questions. We’d love to hear from you!